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In the core of nature’s quietness lies Barfani Shogran Valley, an unlikely treasure that genuinely shows some signs of life throughout the cold weather months. Amid the quietness of falling snowflakes and unblemished scenes, Barfani Shogran Valley offers an unmatched encounter. In this blog entry, we’ll set out on a virtual visit through this colder time of year wonderland, giving bits of knowledge about the excursion, facilities, and charming sights anticipating the people who set out to wander off in an unexpected direction.

Shogran Arriving

Barfani Shogran Valley is roughly three to four hours from Islamabad, making it an ideal objective for a two-day escape from Lahore. Assuming you leave Lahore around noon, you can arrive at Islamabad in four hours and continue to Balakot. From Balakot, it’s simply a half-hour drive to KY, where you can find various lodgings offering great, reasonable breakfast choices.

Jeep Experience to Shogran

The genuine experience starts when you hear the energetic calls of jeep drivers energizing Shogran Valley. Jeeps, obliging six to seven individuals, are accessible at a sensible cost, going from 000 to 00, comprehensive of a return ticket from KY to Shagra. The 11-kilometer venture, which requires 45 minutes in the late spring, changes into a mysterious winter heaven during the blanketed season. Take pleasure in the cotton ball-like snow covering the scene as you cross the stunning frigid track.

Sights and Scenes

The excursion to Shogran Valley unfurls a hypnotizing exhibition — a white material extending on the two sides of the difficult street. Master jeep drivers explore through the snow-shrouded tracks, periodically stopping to clear a path for approaching vehicles because of the tight streets. Regardless of these periodic deferrals, voyagers find euphoria in the colder time of year wonderland encompassing them.

Shogran Valley Tour
Shogran Valley Tour

Shogran Tour

After arriving at Shogran Valley, an immense level of ground shrouded in snow anticipates, offering a sight that fantasies are made of. The city is specked with inns taking care of different spending plans. Shagra Inn, overseen by Mazhar Saheb, is a famous decision, offering rooms and food. Costs range from Rs 000 to Rs 0000, guaranteeing convenience for various inclinations.

Look over various lodgings, including the famous Seed Street and Lala Container Inn, known for its midway-warmed rooms. However Shagra might need huge eateries, every inn flaunts its own feasting office, serving a scope of dishes like chicken, kadai, biryani, pakoda, and tea.

Snowfall in Shogran

As Shagra unfurls its colder time of year, guests can delight in the frigid scenes over the day. For journeying fans, the Sari Paay track calls are found an hour’s drive away. Even though jeeps may not cross the course during winter, the thick snow cover makes a captivating journeying experience.

Sari Paay isn’t just known for its picturesque magnificence but also has an assortment of natural life, including snow panthers, wolves, foxes, and monkeys. Gutsy spirits can set out on a directed excursion with a gathering to investigate the cold landscape and experience these entrancing animals.

Following an evening of joyful stay in Shogran Valley, bid goodbye in the first part of the day as you leave on the return excursion to KY in jeeps. The recollections of Barfani Shogran Valley will wait, asking you to return and investigate a greater amount of its magnificence.

Shogran Valley

Barfani Shogran Valley, with its snow-shrouded scenes and warm friendliness, remains a demonstration of the immaculate magnificence of nature. Whether you’re an independent explorer, with family, or in a gathering, this two-day experience guarantees an extraordinary encounter. In this way, gather your packs, watch the video guide, and plan your excursion to drench yourself in the enchantment of Barfani Shogran Valley.


What makes Barfani Shagra unique during the winter season?

Barfani Shagra transforms into a mesmerizing winter wonderland during the snowy months, offering breathtaking snowy landscapes and a serene ambiance that captivates visitors.

How far is Barfani Shagra from major cities like Islamabad and Lahore?

It’s approximately a three to four-hour journey from Islamabad. For travelers from Lahore, a midnight departure allows for a comfortable two-day tour via Islamabad to Balakot and onward to Shagra.

What transportation options are available to reach Shagra from KY?

Jeeps are the primary mode of transport, accommodating six to seven people. These jeeps, available in a varying price range, provide a return journey from KY to Shagra.

What are the accommodations like in Shagra?

Shagra offers a range of lodging options, from standard to luxury hotels. Accommodation prices vary from Rs 000 to Rs 0000, catering to different preferences. Hotels like Shagra Hotel, Seed Road, and Lala Jar Hotel offer comfortable stays.

What dining options are available in Shagra?

While there aren’t many standalone restaurants, most hotels in Shagra have their dining facilities. Visitors can enjoy a variety of dishes, including chicken, kadai, biryani, pakoda, and tea.

Can visitors engage in activities other than sightseeing in Shagra?

Apart from enjoying the scenic beauty, visitors interested in trekking can explore the nearby Sari Paay track, offering a captivating adventure. However, in winter, reaching Sari Paay may require a trek on foot due to impassable roads for jeeps.

Is wildlife visible in Shagra?

Yes, the Sari Paay area is known for its wildlife sightings, including snow leopards, wolves, foxes, and monkeys. Visitors interested in encountering these creatures should consider going with a guide or in a group for safety.

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