Realme Mobile C51 Price In Pakistan 2023

Realme Mobile C51 Price In Pakistan. I as of late got my hands on the Realme C51 and tried to keep my hat on, the energy was genuine. As I put on the hood of interest, my head stalled out in the sensitive circumstance inside it. Indeed, we should discuss the Realme Mobile C51 – a cell phone that is making a buzz in the Pakistani market.

Realme Mobile C51 Model

Realme figured out how to stir things up with the C51, making up for a shortfall on the lookout for a gorgeous, reasonable cell phone. Evaluated at under 30,000 PKR, it ignited discussions and interest among tech fans.

Realme Mobile Satisfactions

Investigating the rear of the case, a couple of key highlights grabbed my attention. The Realme C51 upholds quick charging at 33 watts, houses a significant 5000 mAh battery, and flaunts a 50-megapixel camera. The last option is significant; a brand that offers a 50-megapixel camera is probably going to convey improved photograph quality and an energetic variety of tones.

The telephone grandstands have a 7.9mm Ultralum configuration, stressing a moderate methodology. What separates it is the scaled-down case shown on the back, an interesting element that adds to its appeal. Realme Mobile has picked a smooth and sparkly look, creating some distance from the intense and lively shades of their past models. The green variety variation I looked at is a visual treat, oozing a refined tastefulness.

After unpacking, you’ll track down a shock – a 33-watt charger. It’s great to see such a quick charger remembered for a telephone evaluated under 30,000 PKR, a unique case even among nearby brands professing to be made in Pakistan. The tender loving care stretches out to the consideration of a quick charging link, making the Realme C51 hang out in its cost range.

Performance Check

Driving the Realme C51 is a Unisoc chipset matched with 4GB of Smash. In benchmark tests, it scored around 245,000, an exemplary accomplishment for a telephone in this cost range. Charming that the Unisoc chipset, however not new, appears to beat different telephones in its classification. It handles gaming great, offering smooth execution even in requesting games like PUBG.

Realme C51 runs on Android 13, giving a smooth client experience. Realme Mobile has consolidated new elements, exhibiting an improvement in their way of dealing with programming. Not at all like past cycles, they’ve figured out how to hold a consistent encounter, offering harmony among development and commonality.

Realme Mobile Camera Quality

The camera nature of the Realme C51 is a champion element. The 50-megapixel camera catches itemized and energetic pictures. One outstanding perception is the somewhat expanded time it takes for the main picture in HDR mode. Nonetheless, this doesn’t lessen the general camera quality, which outperforms assumptions for a telephone in this cost section.

The Decision

Realme C51 arises as a convincing decision for those looking for a classy and highlight-rich cell phone under 30,000 PKR. From its rich plan to the strong camera and quick charging capacities, it sneaks up all of a sudden in a market where such elements are frequently connected with more exorbitant cost labels. As Realme Mobile gets back into the game, the C51 sets a benchmark for spending plan cordial cell phones, demonstrating that quality doesn’t generally come at a lofty cost.


How to take a screenshot on my Realme Mobile?

Typically, you can take a screenshot by pressing the power button and the volume down button simultaneously.

How to check for software updates on my Realme Mobile?

Navigate to “Software Update” or a similar option to see if any updates are available.

How to transfer files between my Realme Mobile and computer?

Once connected, select the appropriate USB mode (e.g., File Transfer) on your phone, and you can then transfer files.

How to reset my Realme Mobile to factory settings?

Go to the Settings app, select “Additional settings” or “System,” and then choose “Reset” or “Backup & reset.” From there, you can find the option to reset your phone to factory settings.

How to insert a SIM card into my Realme phone?

Refer to the user manual for your specific Realme model. In general, you’ll need to locate the SIM card tray (usually on the side of the phone), eject it using the provided tool, and insert your SIM card.

How to enable Developer Options on my Realme device?

Go to Settings, then About Phone. Tap on the “Build number” multiple times until you see a message indicating that Developer Options have been enabled.

How to take care of my Realme phone’s battery?

Avoid extreme temperatures, charge your phone when the battery level is low, and avoid letting your battery completely drain regularly. Consider using the provided charger and cable for optimal charging.

What should I do if my Realme phone is not charging?

Check the charging cable, power adapter, and charging port for any damage. Make sure you’re using a supported charger. If the issue persists, you may need to contact Realme customer support.

How to use the dual SIM feature on my Realme phone?

You can manage dual SIM settings in the SIM card settings section of the Settings app. This is where you can set your preferred SIM for calls, messages, and data.

How to enable or disable notifications on my Realme phone?

You can manage notifications in the Settings app under “Notifications” or “App notifications.” From there, you can control which apps can send notifications and customize notification settings.

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