Home-made Chicken Karahi Recipe

Hi, welcome everyone, Today, I’m excited to share the culinary sorcery of Lahore-style Chicken Karahi recipe with you. Prepare yourselves for an explosion of credible flavors, as we set out on an excursion to make a conventional, home-cooked magnum opus. This dish is about rich, thick tomato-based sauce, mixed with garlic, ginger, and a mix of sweet-smelling flavors. No onions here – simply unadulterated, pure taste that is certain to move you directly to the core of Lahore.


We should plunge into the basic yet perfect fixings that will rejuvenate this Lahori charm:


  • Garam masala flavors (straight leaf, cardamom, Indian cinnamon cassia bark)
  • Green chillies

New Produce:

  • Tomatoes
  • New garlic
  • Ginger glue
  • Coriander leaves

Fundamental Flavors:

  • Turmeric
  • Garam masala
  • Bean stew powder
  • Coriander
  • Cumin

The Star: Child Chicken

  • Cleaned and cut, around 800 grams

Last little detail:

  • New coriander
  • Vegetable oil
  • Water
  • Presently, we should take care of business and make a truckload of amazing food!
Chicken Karahi Recipe
Chicken Karahi Recipe

Cooking Chronicles

The Sizzling Beginning

In a sign of approval for legitimacy, we’ll start with a liberal half cup of vegetable oil (I favor less oil, however, go ahead and change). Add the Chicken Karahi recipe to the warmed oil, guaranteeing trying not to splatter is dry. A sprinkle of water assists in balancing the oil, letting the chicken’s normal flavors shine.

Zest Implantation

Air out the sweet-smelling triplet of inlet leaf, cardamom, and cassia bark. Toss in green chilies for a kick, trailed by liberal stores of garlic and ginger glue. Sprinkle salt and a touch of dried Kashmiri methyl for that additional oomph.

Tomato Tango

Half-cut tomatoes join the party. Cover and let them steam cook, making it simpler to strip off the skin later. As the Chicken Karahi recipe caramelizes, the kitchen loads up with captivating fragrances.

The Flavor Blast

Time to release the zest blend – a mix of turmeric, garam masala, bean stew powder, coriander, and cumin. New tomatoes dispense with the requirement for tomato puree, making an ensemble of tartness and umami.

The Homestretch

Cook on medium-high fire, allowing the sauce to thicken and the oil to rise. This Lahori enchant is headed to turning into a divine, thick-sauced Chicken Karahi recipe.

Culinary Finale

After around 24 minutes, view the sorcery – a delectable, fragrant Chicken Karahi recipe prepared to stun your taste buds. The oil has surfaced, and the consistency is perfect. Time to plate up!

Serve the delicious Chicken Karahi recipe pieces on a platter, embellish them with new coriander, and add a hint of polish with crude onion rings. Finish it off with finely cut ginger and more coriander for that last fragrant touch.

Chicken Karahi recipe

That’s it – a genuine Lahori Chicken Karahi recipe, cooked with adoration and effortlessness. I trust this excursion motivates you to reproduce this culinary jewel at home. Keep in mind, this isn’t your run-of-the-mill English Indian eatery dish; it’s a genuine taste of home-cooked flawlessness in pretty much thirty minutes. Assuming you partook in this experience in flavors, remember to like, share, and buy into Latif’s Propelled for additional tempting recipes. Cheerful cooking!


Q1: Can I use boneless chicken for this Lahore-style Chicken Karahi recipe?

A: While the recipe traditionally calls for chicken on the bone, you can adapt it to boneless chicken. Keep in mind that cooking times may vary, and bone-in chicken adds a unique depth of flavor to the dish.

Q2: Is there a substitute for the Kashmiri method if I can’t find it?

A: Certainly! If kasiri methy is unavailable, you can omit it or replace it with fenugreek leaves (kasuri methi), which will add a similar earthy flavor.

Q3: Can I adjust the spice levels to my preference?

A: Absolutely! Feel free to tailor the spice levels by adjusting the number of green chilies and chili powder. Remember, the goal is to make it enjoyable for your taste buds.

Q4: Is there a specific type of pan or karai dish recommended for cooking this Chicken Karahi recipe?

A: Traditionally, a karai dish is used for this recipe, but you can adapt it to a similar-shaped pan. The key is to allow the flavors to meld together while cooking.

Q5: Can I prepare this dish in advance?

A: Yes, you can prepare the dish in advance and reheat it when ready to serve. Some believe that the flavors intensify with time, making it a great make-ahead option.

Q6: Can I use store-bought garam masala or should I make it at home?

A: You can use store-bought garam masala, but making it at home with freshly ground spices adds a distinctive touch to the dish. Experiment with different garam masala blends to find your favorite.

Q7: How long does it take to cook the Lahore-style Chicken Karai?

A: The cooking time may vary, but generally, it takes around 30 minutes for this dish, making it a quick and flavorful option for a home-cooked meal.

Q8: What side dishes pair well with Chicken Karai?

A: Chicken Karai pairs wonderfully with naan, roti, or steamed rice. You can also serve it with a side of raita or a fresh salad for a well-rounded meal.

Q9: Can I freeze leftovers?

A: Yes, you can freeze leftovers for future meals. Make sure to cool the dish completely before transferring it to a freezer-safe container. Thaw and reheat thoroughly before serving.

Q10: Where can I find the detailed list of ingredients and measurements for this recipe?

A: The complete list of ingredients and measurements can be found in the video description on Latif’s Inspired YouTube channel. Check here for all the details to recreate this delicious Lahore-style Chicken Karai at home.

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