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History of Guru Nanak (1469-1539)

History of Guru Nanak, a great spiritual teacher, was known for his travels, spreading the message of God and singing beautiful songs. He was always accompanied by his friends, Bala, a Hindu, and Mardana, a Muslim. Together, they journeyed across the land, touching the lives of all who crossed their path.

A Wealthy Man on a Hill

Their travels brought them to a village where a wealthy man lived high up on a hill. This man was the sole owner of a well that provided water to the entire village and its surroundings. People relied on him for water to drink, wash, cook, and bathe, and he charged a hefty sum for it.

Mardana’s Thirst

On a scorching hot day, as the trio arrived in the village, Mardana couldn’t bear his thirst any longer. He approached History of Guru Nanak and said, “I’m so very thirsty. Is there any place I can get some water?”

Guru Nanak’s History

Guru Nanak advised Mardana to go to the man by the well and ask for a drink of water. Mardana took his large cup, hoping to share it with his friends, and climbed the hill to the well.

Denied Water

When Mardana asked the man for a drink, the man responded with a demand for money. He claimed that the water was his, and it wasn’t free. Disheartened, Mardana explained that he had no money and pleaded for a drink.

The Man’s Refusal

The man at the well turned him away, refusing to provide water to someone without money. Mardana returned to History of Guru Nanak, sharing his unfortunate encounter.

Three Chances to Do Right

History of Guru Nanak, full of compassion and wisdom, advised Mardana to return to the well for a third time. He urged Mardana to ask the man, in the name of God, to share some water.

Mardana’s Final Plea

Mardana, even thirstier and more determined, ascended the hill once again. The man, now irritated by the back-and-forth, repeated his demand for money. Mardana, with humility, made his final plea, invoking God’s name.

A Miracle Springs Forth

When the man refused yet again, Mardana returned to Guru Nanak. Understanding that the man did not grasp the universal truth, History of Guru Nanak took a small stick, dug a hole in the ground, and miraculously, water began to gush out – clear, pure, and plentiful.

A Joyful Transformation

The people from the village and the surrounding areas witnessed this miracle. They rushed to get their share of the water, celebrating the abundance they now had. The man on the hill, witnessing this transformation, grew furious.

The Boulder’s Descent

In his anger, he rolled a massive boulder down the hill to crush the people below. The villagers screamed in panic, urging Guru Nanak and his friends to move out of the way.

Guru Nanak’s Divine Intervention

Guru Nanak remained calm and extended his hand, stopping the boulder in its tracks. The giant rock rested in his hand as if it were soft clay. A handprint of Guru Nanak was imprinted on the boulder, displaying the power of his presence.

A Changed Heart

Witnessing this incredible feat, the man on the hill had a change of heart. He realized the depth of Guru Nanak’s wisdom and compassion. He rushed down to Guru Nanak and fell at his feet, seeking guidance and blessings.

A Transformation

Under the guidance of Guru Nanak, the once selfish and wealthy man learned the values of sharing, kindness, and love for others. His well was always open to the people, and he became a compassionate soul who cared for those around him.

The Lesson Learned

This story teaches us that everything belongs to the divine, and we are all part of the same creation. Sharing and caring for others is a path to living in harmony with this truth. The history of Guru Nanak’s handprint on the boulder stands as a reminder of this beautiful lesson.

History of Guru Nanak

The History of Guru Nanak and the man on the hill serves as a timeless reminder of the importance of sharing, kindness, and the universal truth that everything in this world belongs to the divine. Through his wisdom and compassion, the History of Guru Nanak transformed a heart of stone into one filled with love and empathy. This is a lesson we can all carry with us in our own lives, reminding us of the power of goodness and grace.


Who was Guru Nanak?

Guru Nanak was the founder of Sikhism and the first of the ten Sikh Gurus.

When and where was Guru Nanak born?

Guru Nanak was born on April 15, 1469, in the village of Talwandi, in the present-day Shekhupura District of Pakistan. The village is now known as Nankana Sahib in honor of Guru Nanak.

What were Guru Nanak’s early life and upbringing like?

Guru Nanak was born into a Hindu family, and his father, Mehta Kalyan Das, was a local revenue collector. He showed spiritual inclination from a young age and had a deep sense of compassion and equality.

What inspired Guru Nanak to start Sikhism?

Guru Nanak’s spiritual journey began with a divine experience he had during a bath in the Bein River. He received a revelation from God to spread the message of love, equality, and oneness of God.

What are some key teachings of Guru Nanak?

History of Guru Nanak’s teachings emphasized the importance of one God, the equality of all human beings, the rejection of caste-based discrimination, and the importance of selfless service (Seva) and meditation (Simran).

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