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Cryptocurrency enthusiasts and investors, gather around! There’s some exciting news in the crypto space, particularly for Phantom holders. Fantom Crypto, often described as a “sleeping giant” despite its significant market cap, is making waves with its recent announcement—the Sonic Accelerator Programme. In this blog post, we’ll delve into why this development is crucial for Phantom and what potential gains it could bring in the next bull cycle.

The Fantom Crypto Journey

Before we dive into the Sonic Accelerator Programme, let me give you a quick recap. If you’re new here, welcome! Fantom Crypto was one of the first coins I covered on this channel, and I even documented my purchases. The reason behind this? I saw the potential for substantial price increases. And looking back, those who followed suit could have made over a grand in profits. Now, I’ve sold all those coins post-market crash and shifted my focus to identifying new gems, sharing them on my website,

Fantom Unlocking Opportunities

Now, let’s talk about the star of the show—the Sonic Accelerator Programme. Fantom Crypto has announced Sonic Labs, featuring mentors like Andrew Cronje, a prominent figure in the space known for creating Yarn Finance Cream. Other mentors include Mark Tillerment from Pyth Network, Eli Bernstein, and Christophe from Request Finance. These mentors will provide guidance and support to the chosen teams through this startup accelerator.

The Sonic Labs initiative isn’t your typical incubator; it’s a game-changer. With a funding pool of over a million Fantom Crypto (currently valued at about $), this programme aims to boost innovation in Phantom’s tech. The focus is on developing unique and impactful blockchain apps, with winners selected through a competitive process. It’s not just about nurturing projects; it’s about revolutionizing them.

Fantom Crypto Unleashed

So, what makes Phantom stand out in the crowded crypto space? Phantom is a DAGnet platform offering DeFi services to developers, using its consensus algorithm. The native token, Phantom, plays a crucial role in paying fees and governance. Notably, Phantom stands out for its lightning-fast transaction speeds, making it one of the top performers in the crypto world.

With partnerships, including running the traffic light system in Dubai, Fantom Crypto has been gaining momentum. The Smart Contract Chain of Opera, compatible with the Phantom Ethereum virtual machine, has changed the game in DeFi. In the last seven days alone, Fantom Crypto has seen a % increase, and there’s more to come.

Fantom Crypto Ecosystem

In the Phantom ecosystem, over-adapts have deployed, various DEXes are operational, and cross-chain bridges are flourishing. Lending and borrowing protocols stand out as solid ways to earn, offering less risk compared to liquidity pool farming. However, the gaming sector and NFT platforms have room for growth.

As Fantom Crypto surges, the Sonic Launch is poised to be a game-changer. With mentors of the calibre of Cronje and others, the chosen projects will likely reach new heights. The Sonic Labs initiative isn’t just an accelerator; it’s a catalyst for innovation. Expect to witness groundbreaking projects that could propel Phantom’s tech to unprecedented levels.

Fantom Crypto’s Potential

Where could Phantom go from here? The bare minimum seems to be $, putting its market cap at around $ billion. With, transactions per second and the support of influential mentors, this is a realistic target. The potential for even higher figures exists, especially with the Sonic Launch acting as a catalyst for innovation.

Phantom is on the verge of something big. The Sonic Accelerator Programme is not just an announcement; it’s a signal of Phantom’s ascent in the crypto world. With innovative projects on the horizon and a strong ecosystem, Phantom is gearing up for significant gains in the next bull cycle. So, fellow crypto enthusiasts, keep an eye on Phantom—it might just be the giant that awakens the crypto landscape.


Q1: What is Phantom, and why is it often referred to as a “sleeping giant”?

A1: Phantom is a DAGnet platform that provides DeFi services to developers, known for its lightning-fast transaction speeds and innovative Smart Contract Chain of Opera. Despite having a substantial market cap, it is often called a “sleeping giant” due to its potential for significant growth, especially in the next bull cycle.

Q2: Can you provide more details about the Sonic Accelerator Programme and its mentors?

A2: Certainly! The Sonic Accelerator Programme, also known as Sonic Labs, is a startup accelerator initiated by Phantom. The mentors include Andrew Cronje, the creator of Yarn Finance Cream, Mark Tillerment from Pyth Network, Eli Bernstein, and Christophe from Request Finance. They offer guidance and support to selected teams, aiming to boost innovation in Phantom’s tech.

Q3: How does Phantom’s native token, Phantom, contribute to the ecosystem?

A3: Phantom serves as the native token for the platform, used to pay for fees and participate in governance. Its main feature is drastically reducing transaction speeds, making Phantom one of the top-performing chains in the crypto space.

Q4: What sets Phantom apart in terms of its ecosystem and partnerships?

A4: Phantom’s ecosystem boasts over adapts deployed, operational DEXes, and flourishing cross-chain bridges. Notably, Phantom has strong partnerships, including running the traffic light system in Dubai, showcasing its real-world applications and impact.

Q5: How does the Sonic Accelerator Programme differ from other incubators in the crypto space?

A5: The Sonic Labs initiative is not just another incubator; it’s a game-changer. With a funding pool of over a million Phantom, it aims to revolutionize projects, focusing on developing unique and impactful blockchain apps. The mentors involved, with their expertise, elevate it beyond a typical incubation program.

Q6: What is the potential market outlook for Phantom, considering the Sonic Accelerator Programme?

A6: The Sonic Accelerator Programme is anticipated to be a game-changer for Phantom, potentially driving its market value to at least $ shortly. With the support of influential mentors and innovative projects on the horizon, the outlook for Phantom is bullish.

Q7: How can I simplify my crypto investment journey and replicate your success with Phantom?

A7: For those looking to simplify their crypto investment journey, my website is the go-to hub. I share insights, recommendations, and strategies, allowing members to ride the crypto wave without the hassle of extensive research. Join me on this exciting journey, and let’s make profits together, with Phantom leading the way. Happy investing!

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