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Remote Data Entry Jobs 2023

So, I found five legit data entry jobs where you can easily make money online, and in some of them, you can start getting paid right off the bat the best thing is a towards the end, you can make up to six figures per year if you take them far enough and the first one on the list is going to be great if you’re tired of being a human spell check for your friends and that is going to be Axion Data Services.

Data Entry Jobs

So, if you didn’t know, Data Entry Jobs is the act of inputting data into a computer system with the precision of a surgeon and the patient’s a saint and it’s a detail-oriented job that requires accuracy, attention to detail, and efficiency data management and Axion Data Services is a reputable company within the data industry and they have a long-standing track record for being known for offering legit work from home jobs. So, for short forms, they’re going to pay about five to cents and these usually take about seconds.

For longer forms, they’ll pay somewhere between five and nine dollars and these usually take somewhere between minutes to an hour. So, you could make up to eighteen dollars per hour but typically, it’s going to be less than that. Now, every week, you’ll send Axion an invoice for the work and you’ll be paid about a month after they receive the invoice. So, all you have to do is go to the website, go to the bottom, click employment and then, click apply. After that, you will submit a short questionnaire and if you qualify, you’ll be entered into the applicant database.

Work From Home Opportunity

So, some of the pros here are this is a legitimate work from home opportunity. It does have the potential for flexible hours. You can work independently. There is potential for long-term employment and it is a well-known and established data entry Jobs service. One of the cons here is they do have a pretty strict barrier to entry in terms of getting in. They do prefer that you have data entry Jobs experience. You must be based in the US. You have to be able to type at, keystrokes per hour and they also do have a membership or application fee that’s somewhere around five to $.

Now, to be honest with you, a lot of the time with companies, the application fee is something you want to skip or avoid but in this particular case, it is a very well-established company and so for that reason, I think the application fee will give a big advantage. So, for all those reasons, I’m going to give this one an opportunity score of seven out of ten. The next one is going to be much easier to start and it also has a massive community and that is going to be click workers and this one is fully remote.

How to Make Money Online

So, you can make money from anywhere at any time. Now, one huge advantage of that is you could move to a country that has a low cost of living and then make money as an American and so even though you might not be making that much money, the fact that the country you move to has a low cost of living will give you a huge and there are many countries out there where you can live like a king on a thousand to fifteen hundred dollars a month.

Now, this is another very well-established platform that is known to pay people out. So, for instance, here’s a review on Reddit of somebody who started their first month and they were able to make $ and there is still a week left to go and it’s estimated that you can make over $ per hour with ClickWorker.

Data Entry Jobs Application

So, to sign up, all you’d have to do is just go ahead scroll to the bottom, click on Clickworker job, and then click register. Then, you just complete their qualification tests and create a profile and once you’re approved, you are good to go. Now, one thing that’s cool about ClickWorker is they recently kind of pivoted into the new AI movement and so there are a ton of AI-related jobs right now.

So, some of the pros here are flexibility in working hours, the ability to work from home, the potential for earning based on the amount of work completed, and the opportunity to improve your data management skills. You also get to be a part of AI and machine learning development.

You can be based anywhere in the world and the entry is very easy and straightforward. There’s a community of other click workers that you can communicate with and there is a wide variety of jobs to choose from. So, overall, I’m going to give this one a nine out of the data entry Jobs opportunity score. The next one is going to be great for you if you want to turn your home office into a money-making machine and it’s also available worldwide and that is going to be Appin.

AI Data Entry Jobs

Now, Appin is another company that’s also pivoting into the AI movement that just started and so there are a lot of AI-related jobs now and you’re going to be tasked with entering and organizing data kind of like a digital librarian. This is another one that has very good reviews online and it has a long-standing history of paying people out.

So, there might be a lot of companies online that claim that they pay you better but if you look up the reviews and stuff online, a lot of the time they end up being scams or it’s really hard to get paid out and it’s estimated that you’ll make somewhere between and $ per hour with typical tasks available on their platform.

So, some of the pros here include flexibility, the convenience of working from home, the potential for extra income, and it’s very easy to get started. Plus, their payment system is through PayPal so you know it’s legit the cons are the typical cons for data entry Jobs tasks which they’re very repetitive there are probably going to be long hours of sitting, and the need for self-motivation This one gets a nine out of data entry Jobs opportunity score now the next one on the list is going to be for you if you want to help in doing political research and that is going to be SigTrack.

Data Entry Jobs 2023

So basically you’re going to be coding voter signatures from petitions into a database. You’ll also be verifying voter registration information and ensuring accuracy and consistency in the database. Now, the payment system is complicated and kind of weird but basically, you’ll get about it. cents per signature or cents per registration and you’re paid based on how accurate your data entry Jobs is. So, if you have % accuracy, you’ll get paid % of whatever the job is. So, if the job is $ and you have % accuracy, you will get paid $.

Apply Method for Data Entry Jobs

If you have % accuracy, you’ll get paid $ and you typically make around $ per hour there are reports of people making to thousand per month. Now, this is another well-established verified company and some of the pros are it has competitive pay for data entry Jobs. You have the opportunity to contribute to an important civic process if you care about that.

You have access to training and support. Some of the cons are they do require you to have dual monitors and they also can be relatively strict in their hiring process to apply, you go to the homepage of the website and click How do I Start, and then you click Getting Started. This one gets a data entry Jobs opportunity score. out of.

Now, most of the other ones on this list you can do part-time or as kind of like a little side job or just something if you want to get a tiny little bit of extra money here and there but the next one on the list is going to be great for you if you want a full-time job and that is going to be Red eight and this company focuses on data entry task that are in the technology industry. Now, I’ve said many times on this channel that the technology industry is probably the best industry to work in and there’s a reason for that.

Entry Level Jobs

There is a ton of opportunity technology industry and even if you’re in kind of the entry level jobs that don’t require a degree like a customer service representative or data entry, you do tend to get paid better so if you want to do data entry for an extended period and if you want to do it as a full-time job, it’s a good idea to try to get a job with a company in the tech industry.

Now, they pay about $ and cents per hour. You do work Monday through Friday and you work eight hours per day. Now, one of the pros of this one is you do have a flexible work-from-home arrangement.

It is a reliable source of income and you may be offered opportunities for career advancement within the company or other opportunities within the technology industry. So, this is one where you could turn it into a career and to be honest with you, you probably don’t want to do data entry for the rest of your life. It’s not bad for a starter job maybe like the first job that you ever do especially if you’re trying to get a remote job but it’s probably not something that you want to do long term. The cons here are it can be very repetitive and monotonous.

Data Entry Jobs Requirement

It may require long hours of sitting and staring at a computer screen and you’re to have limited interaction with your colleagues like I said, this is probably not one that you want to do forever and one career you can easily pivot to in the technology industry that does not require a college degree is IT help desk and my friend Josh has helped hundreds of people get into.

IT and he does have free training which I’ll put down in the description in the pin comment below but yeah, Red Eight is going to get a nine out of the data entry opportunity score. Now, if you’re interested in getting a remote job.


What is a data entry job?

A data entry job involves entering, updating, and verifying data into a computer system or database. It often includes tasks such as typing, transcribing, and organizing information.

What skills are required for a data entry job?

Basic computer skills, proficiency in typing, attention to detail, accuracy, and the ability to work with data entry software are essential. Knowledge of spreadsheet software like Microsoft Excel can also be beneficial.

How can I find legitimate data entry jobs?

Look for reputable job boards, company websites, and online freelancing platforms. Be cautious of potential scams and research companies before applying. Legitimate opportunities may be offered by established companies, both in traditional office settings and through remote work.

Is data entry a work-from-home job?

With the rise of online work platforms, freelance opportunities for data entry are common. However, there are also in-office positions, so the work environment can vary.

What is the average salary for a data entry job?

Salaries for data entry jobs can vary based on factors such as location, experience, and the nature of the work. Entry-level positions may have lower pay, while those requiring specialized skills or experience may offer higher compensation.

Are there part-time data entry jobs available?

Yes, many data entry positions, especially freelance opportunities, can be part-time. Some companies offer flexible schedules, allowing individuals to work on a part-time basis.

Do I need specific educational qualifications for a data entry job?

Typically, a high school diploma or equivalent is sufficient for most data entry positions. However, some employers may prefer candidates with additional certifications or relevant training in data entry or related fields.

What are the common tools used in data entry?

Data entry professionals often use tools like Microsoft Excel, Google Sheets, and specialized data entry software. Familiarity with keyboard shortcuts and data validation techniques can be advantageous.

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